Pain Management Triage

Pain-relief Orthopaedic Product


        Medex has many pain-relief items namely:

(1) Immobilizing brace: prevents motion induced pain, enhances tissue healing and reduces swelling.

(2) Traction device: provides decompression of pinched nerve for pain-relief.

(3) Unloading brace: corrects malalignment and reduces loading pain.


        In medical literature, it is evident that traction treatment works well to those sufferers. Dating back to ancient western renowned Greek Doctor “Father of Medicine” (Hippocrates) has been the pioneer adopting the principle of traction treatment (bed-side traction). Since then, all hospitals and physiotherapy centres carry out this mandatory traction treatment globally.


        With continuous research and innovation, Medex has been able to develop two mobile traction devices (avoiding bed-side or stationary traction): (1) Mobile neck traction device and (2) Mobile back traction device that the patients could have traction treatment anytime & anywhere, and have immobilization & traction simultaneously.


        Currently, Medex is an approved Hong Kong Hospital Authority supplier over 15 years providing braces and devices for orthopaedics, traumatology and rehabilitation usage. Medical groups have also endorsed Medex braces & devices for setting up one stop service, e.g. Spine centre, OA knee centre, and Sports injury centre for a convenient care without referring their patients to other professionals.

N05 Mobile Cervical Traction Device


Cervical Radiculopathy
pain, tingling, numbness, and/or weakness can radiate anywhere along that nerve's pathway into the shoulder, arm, and/or hand

 Treatment option for Cervical Radiculopathy

 Prevention of drop head

 Pain relief & decompression treatment


B18 Mobile Back Traction Device


pain going down the leg from the lower back

 Traction and Immobilization

 Home care traction, anytime & anywhere

 Pain relief & decompression treatment


K39d OA Unloading knee Brace


Osteoarthritis Knee
knee pain that increases when you are active,
but gets a little better with rest

 Correction of alignment & pain relief

 Improve knee stability, slow the deterioration of OA knee

 Improve quality of life (no need/delay surgery)