About us

Company Profile: 

        Medex has been actively supplying a complete series of orthopaedic braces including OA corrector, immobilizer, mobile traction device, post-operation, rehabilitation and sports injury preventive braces. These products are used for the treatment of bone fracture, ligamental tear, joint instability or stiffness, deformity, malalignment, nerve compression and post-operative patients.


        Established in 1999, Medex has a long history of leadership in brace manufacturing, creative design and brand management in HK, China and other markets worldwide. Apart from invasive (surgical) treatment, orthopaedic non-invasive (conservative) treatment (brace, cast, exoskeletal joint and traction device) is becoming more active in orthopaedic management because of less complications.


        Medex has a team of professional experts, namely orthopaedic surgeon, mechanical engineer, 3D designer with orthopaedic and biomechanic expertise to develop and innovate new functional braces for the needs of medical professionals and patients.


Vision & Mission:

(1) Brace Room & Brace technician

(2) Service Centre

        For the sake of convenience to the patients, it is advisable to set up a “Brace Room” at each Orthopaedic clinic and Casualty (A&E) department (i.e. equivalent to Cast Room). A “Brace Technician” (± Orthotist) is recommended for selecting appropriate brace with correct size and a fitting treatment for patients. Follow-up service is needed for proper and correct usage of the braces. Orthopaedic doctors are just to gauge the compliance and effectiveness of the brace treatment.


        To maximize the superior clinical service, “Service Centre” such as Spine, OA Knee & Sports injury centres are recommended to set up. This can streamline convenience and resources to allow braces to be readily available for the appropriate treatment instantly.